Remote Monitoring Agent at MDN
[ Job Code: RMA]
Remote monitoring agents (RMA) carefully watch captured images from remote surveillance cameras for any suspicious activities and raise the alarm when appropriate. RMA’s are trained to ensure that robust and reliable surveillance of designated remote sites are carried out with zero glitches. On the job training for RMAs will be provided at MDN. remotemonitor
Job Responsibilities:
  • Examine the footage to know the differences from the last view
  • Identify the abnormalities in the footage to locate the threats
  • Track people’s behaviours and actions to find suspects

Desirable Skill Set:
  • Prior knowledge of remote surveillance is an added plus.

Personal Skills:
  • Computer literacy, excellent oral and written communication skills and superior people skills are a must for this job.


    Timings: Full-time, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm; 6 days / week, includes Sundays. Weekly day-off would be decided on mutual convenience.