MatheMagicMusic Shows

I have given over 50 shows in India and the US. My first show was in 2012 and from 2012-18 I was spent a lot of time performing. After I started my Undergrad the frequency of these shows has reduced, although I am open to performing when time permits.

Below are Pictures from my Math shows at UIUC, Wright State and Miami (Top, Left, Right).

Here is a video from a Mathemagic Presentation at MIT Manipal.

In the above video, I present a birthday magic square to Prof K Kamalaksha who was a legendary lecturer. I was 13 years old.

Here is a video from my talk at NITK Engineer in 2013. This was one of the more memorable performances because of a very interactive crowd.

NITK 2013

Below is a picture from a MatheMusic show I gave at Harvey Mudd college. I demonstrated how combinatorics can be used to study musical patterns.