Music has always been one of my passions. My mother, grandmother, grandfather, and many other family members have all been musicians. I play the Tabla (Indian percussion instrument) and Violin. I learned tabla under Pandit Madhav Acharya and Pandit Sadanand Naimpalli in India. I learned violin under Vidhushi Sharmila Rao. I have formally been trained for about 10 years for Tabla and 4 years in Violin. I practice both the instruments whenever time permits.

Here are some of my musical achievements:

I scored 93% on my Tabla exam at the Junior and Senior level.

I stood 1st in the district at both Junior and Senior level.

I have performed numerous times at the annual Music festival in my region.

I performed a Tabla solo on Shank taal at Festival of Tabla at Los Angeles, California in 2017.

Festival of Tabla, Los Angeles, 2017

Here are a few links to my Tabla/Violin performances :

Tabla and Mathematics Demo. I was 13 years old at the time
Tabla Solo at Music Festival in Udupi, Karnataka
Snippet of a Violin performance at a school in India