Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed teaching mathematics to students. After I entered my final year of high school, I officially started mentoring students both in India and the USA. I tutor middle school and high school kids via online platforms.

My intention is not only to teach but also facilitate research mindset in young students and math enthusiasts. I also hold math discussions with students form India and the US and try to teach them topics in Number Theory, Algebra etc. from my college courses and research projects, hoping to poke their curiosity and cultivate logical and analytical thinking.


Students will be trained in the foundational topics required to enjoy high school math (also AP classes if required). Focus is on understanding and not on testing.

Groups will involve constant interaction with instructor. Students are encouraged to ask questions and communicate ideas and thoughts with the instructor.

Set Up

We meet on Zoom every week at a decided time. Sessions are 1 hour long. I use real and virtual white boards, and other online tools. Classes can be recorded if needed.

We will have monthly quizzes and some simple weekly homework and discussions among peers.

Topics Taught

Mathematics for students between ages 8 and 16 covering the following topics:

Intro to Number Systems



Area and Perimeter


Probability and Statistics

Pre Calculus

and much more (on demand of students). Concentration of topics is decided based on student’s interest and priority.

Screen shot of one of my online classes

If you wish to learn math under me or wish to know more details regrading timings and fees, please email me at rnbhat123@gmail.com

You can check my YouTube channel and click on ‘Videos’: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9JyBZfhw-QddhJVNgk0TQ

to see some of my lecture videos (these videos are from the discussions I have with student groups as I do not upload videos of private tutoring!)