Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Photo Gallery. Here you will see some of the most important events of my life in pictures. These events range from the book launch of my first book, to a chance meeting with Mathematics legend John Conway at Princeton University and to some of my music performances.

With American Mathemagician Dr. Arthur Benjamin. He has been a huge source of inspiration.
At my book launch on March 13, 2019. The launch was done by Dr. Sandhya Pai.
Life-changing meeting with John Conway at Princeton University in September 2017.
With Padmabhushan Dr. BM Hegde. He has been one of my biggest well wishers and has given me many platforms to perform. He was also one of the first people who believed in me, outside of my family
With famous number theorist Bruce Berndt, at UIUC in 2017. We coincidentally share the same birthday!
Being honored by Swamiji of Udupi Krishna temple. A very memorable moment.

Always loved playing Tabla